My friend and I were talking the other day, and during that conversation I was reminded of a joke that was making the rounds when I was in third grade–St. Joseph’s Catholic school–that has stuck with me, even these thirty years later. (Dang, I’m old!) Only one other person I’ve told it to has ever heard of the joke, and she also grew up in Washington state. Therefore, I have no choice but to assume that it must be a Washington thing.

So here goes.

Oh wait. . .a couple of disclaimers before I share it. It mentions the existence of homosexuality. If I felt it was derogatory, though, I wouldn’t post it. For the record, the gay friends I’ve told it to have all found it hilarious.

I suppose you should also know that it contains a few slightly bad words for both the female and the male anatomy, but they’re not that bad, and they’re nothing you haven’t heard a million times before on network TV. If you don’t like any bad words at all–or if you’re at work or something–then you may want to stop reading now, or else read it when you get home.

Still with me? Okay. The joke starts now.

* * * * *
Kid A: Are you a ‘fag’ or a ‘mag’?

Kid B: I’m a mag!

Kid A: Do you know what that is?

Kid B: No, but I’m no fag.

Kid A: Okay, so you’re a mag?

Kid B: Yeah.

Kid A: MaleAssGrabber? Gross!

Kid B: OH. No no, I’m a fag! I’m a fag!

Kid A: (turns toward full playground) Hey, everybody, he just told me he’s a fag!

Kid B: (angrily) What? Yeah, I’m a FemaleAssGrabber!
* * * * *


There’s also the alternative version of the joke, which adds a couple of letters to the synonyms involved:

* * * *
Kid A: Are you a ‘fagit’ or a ‘magit’?
(Yeah, that’s how they’re spelled; you’ll see why.)

Kid B: I’m a magit!

Kid A: Yeah, well, I’m a fagit.

Kid B: You’re a fagit??

Kid A: Yeah. . .FemaleAssGrabberIncludingTits.

Kid B: What’s a magit then?

Kid A: MaleAssGrabberIncludingTesticles.

Kid B: Oh, then I’m a fagit too. (By now he knows he’s been had.)

Kid A: Hey, everybody. . .etc.
* * * *

Out of the mouths of babes, eh? Man, when I first heard someone tell that–remember, I was eight years old–I thought it was the funniest thing ever, which actually reminds me of another joke from third grade. Or maybe it was fourth; I can’t quite remember. Anyway, it’s not an actual joke, it’s more of a response to one, and it can be used after any joke in the history of jokes. You’ll see what I mean. Oh, and there are no bad words or anything, so you’re safe.

* * * * *
Kid A: [just finishes telling a joke]

Kid B: Ha ha ha ha. That’s really funny. I first heard it from my great-great-great-great FiveThousandGreats grandfather–and he invented the dinosaur. When he first heard that joke, he laughed so hard that he fell off his pet dinosaur and broke his wooden underwear, and that’s what led to the dumbest invention ever; the inflatable dart board.
* * * * *

Yeah. You’re not the only one not laughing. You’re not really supposed to be, though, because it’s not meant to be funny. It’s supposed to be a joke killer, to be used when another kid thinks that he’s FamouslyHilariousComedian. As soon as he finishes telling some lame joke, instead of laughter, this bizarre monologue comes flying back at him. It’s guaranteed to kill any other joke, but be careful. If you use this non-joke yourself, you may very well end up looking like a supreme weirdo at the same time.

I think this might be one of the strangest blog entries I’ve ever written.