open letter to two moths

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I’m sorry you had to die. The thing is, I tried everything I could to NOT kill you. You were trapped behind the curtain, so I pushed it aside to let you out. I opened my bedroom door and turned on the light in the kitchen, MANY TIMES, to try and lure you out there so that I could shut the door and go to sleep. That tactic worked for your friend or brother or wife or whatever, but not for you. You kept flying into things and making that buzzing, flapping noise with your wings, and that shit kept me awake for hours just as I was drifting off to sleep, three or four times.

The thing you have to know about humans is that they get very irritable when they are deprived of sleep, and the more primeval parts of their brains become more active. When you stopped moving for a couple of seconds, I had already tried those other things, so I had no other choice but to squash you behind the curtain. I must admit that the sound you made when you fell dead on the windowsill was very satisfying to me, because it meant that I would finally be getting some well-deserved rest. Yesterday was very busy for me, you know, and this morning I’m driving to the beach, so I really needed that sleep.

Oh. . .and your friend/brother/wife? I killed him/her this morning. Just thought you should know. He/she was milling around on the counter in the kitchen while I was making breakfast, which is completely unacceptable. That’s another thing about humans; they get very testy regarding the preparation of their food. Some humans even get very fussy with EACH OTHER about the preparation of food. They think that things need to be cut a certain way, or washed a certain way, and many an argument has ensued. We can’t even work in a restaurant unless we’ve paid money and taken a little test to show that we know The Rules. Think about THAT. Well, I mean, think about that in your NEXT LIFE because you’re both dead now.

I’m going to try not to think about you while I’m in Astoria and Cannon Beach. The reason I say that is because I’m very tired, thanks to you, and that’s going to be affecting me all day, and maybe even tomorrow too. Whatever, you know? I’m gonna be having a good time (I think) and the weather is supposed to be beautiful, so I’ll be busy enjoying life, while you two are squashed in a paper towel in my garbage can.

Just remember that I tried hard to save you. It didn’t have to end that way.


blur of a whirlwind

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I woke up yesterday to find that my phone had been shut off. Yesterday I took the day off from work to play a noontime gig with Breanna and the band down in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

I decided to take the MAX commuter train downtown, because Pioneer Square is one of its stops, and parking downtown can be tricky and expensive. So I drove to the stop and carried the cello and accordion on board the train. Two stops later, we all had to exit the train and cram onto a waiting bus, because the bridge over which the train travels is closed this month for repairs. It wasn’t fun trying to get two large instruments onto an already crowded bus, let me tell you. Not to mention the screaming kids and obnoxious people. When we arrived across the river, we all exited the bus and got back on a MAX train to follow its regular route. The exhausting trip took forty-five minutes, and it normally takes fifteen.

So then we played our gig, which was great. It was well-attended, and we sold a whole bunch of CD’s.

Came home afterwards via the exhausting and circuitous train-bus-train route. By this time, it was about ninety degrees outside. I finally got home, drenched in sweat. I had an e-mail waiting for me from J saying that PhoneCompany’s service was down for a while yesterday, so it wasn’t my phone after all. What a relief!

I took a nap and then went to meet J for sushi. She came over afterwards, and we watched an episode of Planet Earth; it was the episode about how the climate is changing drastically and rapidly, and how we are losing species (sometimes in as little as ten or fifteen years) and completely destroying the natural environment. It was very informative and influential, and it was good to be reminded about many of those things, which we tend to forget about in our daily lives.

Incidentally. . .for the record. . .I try to do my part by living near enough to where I work that I don’t need to drive, and where I can easily ride my bike, walk, or take public transportation to the places that I need to go. There have been many years where I didn’t own a car. I’ve always owned economical cars, including the one I have now. I don’t eat very much meat. I choose to live in a small apartment in the city, as opposed to a sprawling suburb. I don’t intend to have children. I try not to use disposable things when I have permanent options. These are all choices that I feel make a big difference in both the quality of life, and minimize the effects of my existence on this planet, but I still have a long way to go, and there are plenty of things that I can still do to make a difference for this little and unique planet.

So. After that, I got a call from JBJ saying that Jaime and Becky (whose CD I played on) were playing an impromptu show, so I texted Becky to say that I was going to be there, and it would be very easy for me to bring my cello with me. She thought that sounded great, so I ended up going down to join them at eight o’clock. The show was awesome, and the two other performers, Galveston and Justin Power, were amazing as well. I recommend that you check all of them out

I have another daytime gig with Breanna today, actually, so I’m going downtown again in an hour to load our equipment onto the Portland Spirit cruise ship. This is going to be a really fun gig; I’ve played it once before, last summer. It’s a lot of work, and it’s an all-day affair, but it’s just. . .totally great. I’m really honored to have such good opportunities to play with such good people.

Tonight the plan is for more J time, and then I need to do laundry and pack for the annual trip to Cannon Beach with Mom, Stepdad, and Brother and his family tomorrow morning. I’ll be staying for the weekend, until Sunday afternoon, when I’m driving back and then going to see a play at night.

SoOoOoO, it’s all a bit of a blur, but at least now you know why things have been a little quieter than usual around here lately. I’ll have my computer with me at the beach, so I should be able to check in from there too.

But now, it’s time to take a shower and get downtown to the boat.


territorial seagulls

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Here’s a video of the seagull that followed J and me all the way from the north end of Cannon Beach clear down to Haystack Rock. The white one wasn’t far behind him, either. When the brown one finally gave up on us and flew away, the white one stayed behind to make sure we weren’t holding out a secret food stash for him.

Ah, nature.

nice alliteration

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I may be a little scarce around these parts for the next couple of days, ’cause it’s my Big Birthday Blowout Bash weekend, and it’s chock-full of fun stuff.

Tonight, Shelby’s taking me out, and we’re going to see DrummerDrew (of Stephanie’s band) play over at Zaytoon, then it’s off to either Pi-Rem or Maiden in the Mist. I’m thinking probably Pi-Rem.

Tomorrow involves BoringFish, then S & W and either sushi or chocolate or both, and then DrummerAdam is coming all the way down from Yakima just to help celebrate my birthday (oh yeah. . .AND he has a gig at the White Eagle).

Sunday, J and I are going to the beach for the day; probably Cannon Beach and Oswald West State Park, but we may head up to Astoria also/instead.

I’ll try to remember to take some pictures and stuff. This promises to be a great weekend.

beach trip

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Sunday, after my gig down in Gleneden Beach with Susie Blue, I drove the hundred-mile trip up curvy Highway 101 to Cannon Beach, where my mom, stepdad, brother, sister-in-law, niece and baby nephew were. As soon as I arrived, I made dinner for everybody. Mom made a delicious salad, and my stepdad made an amazing dessert.

After all that, we walked down to the beach. The house they rented was directly in line with Haystack Rock, so it couldn’t have been easier to get there. After driving two and a half hours to the gig, playing the gig, driving a little bit and then stopping at the factory outlet stores in Lincoln City (where–among other things–I got a new blue hoodie to replace the one I left in Salem a couple of weeks ago), then driving four more hours up the coast (stopping to take a few pictures along the way), it was an exhausting day, but completely worth it. It was great to see everybody, and here are some pictures: