Why beautiful, funny, sad and true?

I heard a short story on the radio a few years ago that was actually the abridged version of a longer novel. In the story, there was a woman who had just met a guy who was a comic-strip artist. When they were getting acquainted, he told her that he attempted to create comics that were ‘beautiful and funny, sad and true.’ I was so blown away by that phrase that I could barely pay attention to the rest of the story. I realized that all of my favorite music, my favorite books, my favorite movies, my favorite art—even my favorite people!—were a combination of those four things. That’s a very high standard, indeed.

A couple of years later, I started a blog. While I was trying to decide on a name for it, that phrase somehow popped back into my head again. I realized that those four things would perfectly set the tone for the subjects that I was most interested in, and most likely to write about. So it began.

I’m a multi-instrumentalist musician and up-and-coming producer from Portland, Oregon. Thanks for visiting and reading!