I may be a little scarce around these parts for the next couple of days, ’cause it’s my Big Birthday Blowout Bash weekend, and it’s chock-full of fun stuff.

Tonight, Shelby’s taking me out, and we’re going to see DrummerDrew (of Stephanie’s band) play over at Zaytoon, then it’s off to either Pi-Rem or Maiden in the Mist. I’m thinking probably Pi-Rem.

Tomorrow involves BoringFish, then S & W and either sushi or chocolate or both, and then DrummerAdam is coming all the way down from Yakima just to help celebrate my birthday (oh yeah. . .AND he has a gig at the White Eagle).

Sunday, J and I are going to the beach for the day; probably Cannon Beach and Oswald West State Park, but we may head up to Astoria also/instead.

I’ll try to remember to take some pictures and stuff. This promises to be a great weekend.