got up early.

cooked an amazing breakfast of soft boiled eggs, chicken apple sausage, and toast with boysenberry jam.

tentatively scheduled a job interview for Monday, but it’s too soon to say any more about it.

washed the dishes.

talked to my dad on the phone, and inherited a bookcase that he and my grandpa made before I was even born.

chatted with Thuy.

heard about a great idea that CellistSkip has for tracking instruments.  (Don’t want to say any more. . .it’s a good idea!)

spent two hours working on my car.  I got the defective part out, and need to find its replacement.

went to SafeGrocery and bought food and a bottle of wine.

made an awesome dinner of pasta, cheese, green onions, and chicken apple sausage.  (Gotta use up that sausage!)

watched a TV show about the beginning of hip-hop.

It’s only 6:30 in the evening.  There’s plenty of time to make this day even more productive.