Last night I set up the Mail program on my new iMac. This wouldn’t normally merit mention in a blog entry if not for the fact that somehow it ended up downloading some particularly ancient messages–some from almost two years ago–that I thought I’d deleted long ago. I was repelled yet strangely fascinated.

I couldn’t pull myself away until I was unable to hold my head up anymore. I decided it was probably time for bed, and on my way to my bedroom, I took a look at the clock on the stove; 4:30 a.m. Yikes.

I finally got to sleep at around 5:00 a.m., and my alarm clock went off at 7:00. Didn’t get to take a nap today, either, so I’m expecting to crash really hard any minute now.

Tonight I put together the second of the two chairs I bought to go with the new little dining table. Quite the hassle. . .at least if you’re me and clueless with tools.

This coming Thursday and Friday I’m going down to Nevada to play with Steph, so if by some chance you live in Elko, and you’re reading this, you should come see us and say hi. We’ll be playing at the college there on Thursday night. Last time we were there was last September on a tour with Dirty Martini, and it was definitely the high point of the trip. I’m already looking forward to eating at that Mexican restaurant!