On Saturday afternoon, I was at Old Town Music picking up some cables and other stuff, I saw a little red guitar that I completely fell in love with at first sight. It’s a Hofner Colorama; a new-and-improved version of a 1960’s classic.

(Hofner, incidentally, is the company that made Paul McCartney’s famous violin bass.)

Here’s what my guitar looks like, although the picture doesn’t do it justice. The abalone inlays on the neck and headstock are beautiful in real life, and I imagine they’ll look especially striking under bright stage lights.

I didn’t have time to try it out on Saturday, so I went home and read about them online instead. They’re a real bargain. They’re made in China, but they use name brand American-made tuners and Gibson pickups (Isn’t this entry fascinating?), so the guitar sounds great and even stays in tune. The red-with-abalone-inlays is the collectible model, too. I went back Sunday afternoon, tried it out, loved it, and bought it. I’d be kicking myself for a long time if I hadn’t.

I’ll probably need to upgrade the wiring and various electronic parts–that’s where they skimped on the quality–but it’s certainly good enough to use as is, and you’re sure to see it if you come see me play with Stephanie. Love it love it love it.

Happy early birthday to me!