The other day, I did something I would never normally do; I used my little video camera during a recording session.  I was working with two guys who have been long-time friends and collaborators, a bassist/singer and a guitarist.  The bassist was up here visiting from the Beast (my personal favorite nickname for the East Bay of California), so they wanted to collaborate on a couple of song ideas together.  I owed the guitarist a recording favor, so that’s how I got involved.

The guys were both so intense and animated (the singer, especially) that my arm reached for my camera before I even knew what it was doing.  I took a few other videos before this one, actually (by this time I had their approval), but this is definitely my favorite.  I promise you that he was not doing this for the camera, or for the open windows, or for my benefit; it was absolutely his megalomania personality and energy shining through.

Enjoy this while you can.  If I end up feeling even more like an unprofessional a-hole later, I may decide to take it down, but for now I just felt I should let you behind one scene of the recording process.