My birthday is coming up in about a month, and it’s one of the Big Ones.  I’m not particularly worried about it, especially since my life improved so much after the last Big One, but we’ll see how I feel after it’s happened and the dust has settled.

One of my friends called the other day and talked about my upcoming birthday, as well as the state of my love life, which has remained dormant for quite some time now, with the occasional dates here and there.  “If some of us chipped in to get you a prostitute for your birthday, would you be happy about that?”

I burst out laughing.  “No.”

“What if she was a really nice prostitute?”


“Like maybe fifty bucks?”

“No.  I’m worth way more that that!  That’s not a ‘nice’ prostitute, by the way.”

“What if I got a bunch of people to contribute, and we came up with like fifteen hundred bucks?”

“I’d just ask you guys to give me the money.”  We both laughed.  “That could go a long way.  I could get a really good cello bow or something.”

Like I said, it’s still a month or so away, and choice of present not withstanding, at least he remembered it’s coming up, so I guess we’ll see what I have in store for me.  My last few birthdays have been really awesome ‘birthweeks’ of extended celebration, and I have good reason to believe that this one may be especially big.

Just to be on the safe side, though, I’d better start watching my doorstep for prostitutes.