As part of the ‘best of 2007’ series–the pictures will follow sometime soon–here are some of the highlights of the year from BFS&T. It was fun to go back and revisit some of these again, although if I had a nickel for every entry that I titled ‘crazy week’ or ‘super busy’ or ‘phew’ or something like that, I’d have. . .a total of. . .well, actually, I don’t know how much money I’d have. But I did learn at some point that I needed to work on my titles.

Anyway, here’s the list:

* * * * *

December – third grade memories
There are also a few good dreams to be found in December’s archive.

November – taking my blog back
That was a very strange month. I got a fun new hobby, and had some very unusual life experiences too, which–as a nice side effect–hopefully makes for interesting reading.

October – birthday week
October was busy and interesting, and this was the obvious entry choice for the month. Lots of other good entries, though.

September – five-day weekend
The beginning of the month was a whirlwind like August was, but pretty much the rest of it was spent recovering from the huge heartbreak and the whirlwind gigging and traveling schedule of July and August.

August – Nevada trip
Boy, August was brutal. September was, too. It was tough to decide which entry to use as the commemoration, so I chose the most memorable and positive one. I guess if you’re interested, you can go back and check out the other stuff. There’s plenty. I wrote more in August than I did in any other month.

July – week in review
This month was quite possibly the busiest one of my entire life. Tons of interesting gigs, my amazing friend and partner in crime moved away, a family beach vacation. . .this was another tough month to decide which entry to choose.

June – Yakima trip
First genuinely good time I’ve had in Yakima for as long as I can remember, so it is worthy of special mention here. For as busy as July was, and as dark as August was, I have to say that June was pretty great.

May – Mount St. Helens Day
This one is going to get mentioned, too, because it’s a classic:
glad I wasn’t a girl that day
I also went to Seattle, and there’s a good entry about that too. And pictures!

April – a month, disguised as a week
(See also: a week, disguised as a day)
Started out good, then I got blasted open in the middle of the month. After August, this was the craziest month of the year. I also had one of the best gigs of my entire life. Lots of good pictures for you to enjoy.

March – I’ve got ‘The Fever’, Off the Clock
Young Immortals song makes it onto a Starbucks CD. Woo hoo! Lots of pictures and fun times that month, too.

February – OK, All You Dream Interpreters, Vol. III
February was a bit of a roller coaster, with lots of sorta random writing. Although I never write about this subject, work was particularly terrible and stressful back then, and I was out with Then-Girlfriend-Now-Ex a lot, so that didn’t leave as much time for writing. But this dream is one of the most interesting I’ve ever had.

January – Iron Horse
My first band, while I was in high school and a little bit into college. Other than this, January was much like February as far as blog content is concerned. Lots of good pictures, though.

* * * * *

I hope this is fun and/or interesting to read. It was fun to make, so there you go. I also want to let you know that I really appreciate you reading BFS&T, and I hope you have a happy, lucky, prosperous and fulfilling New Year.